Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Convertible Dresses

This is a hot new trend that I first notice in a Newport News catalog last summer and now they are every where; the "convertible dress". This is a dress that you buy for one price but you can wear multiple ways. The most popular one I've seen is the "Marilyn" Convertible Dress by Monif C.This one is on the higher price end, but it is FIERCE!!!!

This dress ties many different ways (we've counted 22 so far) including as a halter dress, dress with sleeves, skirt, baby doll top, and every other way you can imagine...You can wear this dress to one event and tie it a completely different way for your next event. No one will EVER know it's the same dress!

They are other place that sell convertible dress at lower prices. In a previous post (Picks of the Day 6/30/10), I show the "10 Way Dress" by Ashley Stewart . This dress is only offered online at through a web exclusive.

Metro Style and Flirt Catalog also have covertiable dresses.

Colors: Yellow, Red, Black

My Soror, is selling Avon and they happen to also sell a convertible dress. I'm going to order one and post picture when I receive. If you already own a convertible dress, please feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your exprience with it.

xoxoxox- Queen B.

Tuesday's Lunch

I had lunch in my school's dinning center with my soror yesterday and it tasted as good as it looks; yummy!
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xoxoxox- Queen B.

Picks of the Day: Ashley Stewart

Colors: (left to right) Westie-Olive, Sugar-Lilac

**Web Only Exclusive**
Colors: (left to right) Shy- Peacock, Black, Red

Color: White

Color: Bleeding-Heart

Color: Light Blue

Color: Light Blue

Color: Bronze

Color: Indigo

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