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Feeling The Inspiration

Ever since she debuted in 2000 (I believe...correct me if I'm wrong lol) I have always loved and have been able to identify with Jill Scott. From her music, her poetry and her overall look. Being a PLUSH DIVA my whole life, and growing up in age where you didn't see many plus size women in the spotlight, I was exstatic to watch Jill do her thing. She as always been and inspiration to me. Even in the days where I didn't have the highest self esteem, I would listen to her music and watch her video and realize that PLUSH is beautiful. She was actually my inspiration to go natural. I went back and forth with the ideas for years and soon after I finally go full blown natural and grew my hair out, she got a relaxer and cut it off..... I still love her though LOL. 

In the past couple of months I have really been praying for women with low self esteem and those who don't know their own worth. I wrote notes about it on my Facebook page, which is turning into a mini-series. (I thinking of posting them here). I really want every woman to realize that they are a Queen. (Hence the name of my accessory line.) But in light of this issue, Jill's new song "Rolling Hills" have been somewhat a theme song for this "movement" that I have going on. 

Here are the links to the notes I wrote on Facebook:

Thifty Finds

I recently did what I do best, bargain shop, and that would include my favorite hobby from being in Bloomington, thrift store hopping. I know some people look down on thrifting but I'm proud to say that "I AM A THRIFTER!" In this economy everyone is looking to save a buck. Everything for the most part is under $10. It's a great place to find staples for your closet, and if you are like me and don't like to see yourself on the street, it's a great way to insure that you will have things that are unique to your closet. I found these FAB items on my recent trip.

I originally began this trip with the intent to purchase a red jacket to go along with a black and white print dress (style inspired by Lexy of Beauty Fash) that I have for church last Sunday and I found this great jacket! 

I LOVE this vintage polyester outfit! I presents sooo many outfit possibilities if you separate the pieces. It could be worn together with a belt. The top could be worn with leggins or skinny leg jean, or dressed up with an pencil skirt. And the skirt can be worn with a different top and paired with a belt. The possibilities are endless. 

I love these tribal drawstring cropped leg pants. If get them big enough, and wear them with a top tucked in, a belt and pumps, you will get the whole genie pants feel.

This sleeveless jacket is a great. I will admit I had to use my imagination to think of a use for it, but I have a champaign colored strapless romper that I have been dying to wear, that this would go great with.

This was a great find. They are actually too big for me in the waist, but a trip to the tailor will remedy that.

I really like this top when I saw it but unfortunatly when I got home I realized it was too small. I thinking about selling it or possibily doing a give away....decisions, decisions.

This colorful scarf actually still had it's Forever 21 tag still on it! Can't wait to color up a monochromatic look with this BANGING scarf!

This is the best bargin find of the day: This is a COACH purse and I got for.........(wait for it....)...$5!

I can't wait for the fall just to wear this great preppy deep V double breasted sweater! This would be great with a loose fitting top, skinny leg jeans and some black leather ankle booties.

Thrifting Tips

1. Know what to look for. Thrift stores are good for buying, handbags, blazers, pants, vintage dresses, sweaters, tops, accessories and even furniture. Never purchase underwear, shoes or swimwear.
2. Go with an open mind and an imagination. If you see something unique don't be afraid of it! Stop, think, and try to put and outfit together in your head.
3. If you are not a fashion visionary, do research. Look at pictures from past decades to get ideas. You can also visit other blogs of people who thrift shop and see what they have done.
4. Neighborhood is key! If you are looking for good quality items, be sure to go to a thrift store in a upscale neighborhood.
5. Find a good tailor. Clothes in thrift aren't arranged by size for the most part. A lot of times you will find items that are great but may be slightly too big or slightly too small. In the case of blazers it's ok if the size is a little off. If it's too big, have it taken in. If it's too small, have it let out. If the seam allowance doesn't allow for it to be let out, if you can put it on, but just not button it up, it's fine; you can wear it open.
6. Take the clothes to a cleaners or wash them yourself! Thrift store do not clean the donations they get and for hygiene sake, trust you want to clean those clothes before you wear them.
7. If you find a great bag, but it has a broken strap or has a spot in it, take it to a shoe repairer. Its a quick and inexpensive fix.
8.Be prepared to dig. Some thrift store have sales. My favorite thrift store in Bloomington, rotates items out every week. At the end of the month, there is a 25% off rack, a 50% percent off rack and free rack. I look for quality items and items with designer labels. I've gotten a great green blazer for FREE before, but I had to dig for it.
9. You can do a thrift party between friend. You can get together with some friend who wear close to your size or somewhere in the range and have a party. Everyone can bring things they don't want or can't wear and everyone can trade items. I don't that a couple of times with friends and came out with some great things!

I hope that was helpful. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Finally Someone Representing the PLUSH DIVAS on TV!

Quoted from

A New Plus Size Fashion and Lifestyle Show Debuts on TLC

Plus Size Series Big Sexy by TLC
Shining a positive light on plus size women in fashion- their confidence, moxie, relationships and living life to its fullest, TLC has chosen five fabulous full figured women (whom you have seen or heard of throughout the community) and have chronicled their life in the three part series: Big Sexy!
Plus Size Series Big Sexy by TLC
Big Sexy follows New Yorkers Leslie, Tiffany, Audrey, Nikki and Heather to redefine the ideal of what is beautiful and sexy – giving viewers a candid look into their lives as confident plus-size women who are shooting for the stars with their careers.
Big Sexy will follow the ladies as they take over Manhattan to make plus-size sexiness more mainstream from designing clothing to booking modeling gigs! BIG SEXY aims to challenge the common misnomers of plus size fashion and introduce a fresher perspective on what a plus size woman is and what she does. From the producers: “ Weight bias is notoriously rampant in their chosen industries, and it is their mission to prove that a bigger girl – the girl that most Americans can relate to — can break the mold and change the fashion and cultural norms that have restricted and rejected them for so long.”

What can you expect?

You get to come along in each episode, as Big Sexy features these plus size women as they attend major industry events, parties and opportunities, all while giving a candid peek into the balancing of their personal, dating and family relationships as plus-size women.

Who are they?

Plus Size Series Big Sexy by TLC
Plus Size Series Big Sexy by TLC
They are big, they are beautiful, and they are not sitting at home waiting for life to happen. They know better than anyone that real women can be sexy with curves — no matter what society says.

When can you watch the show?

BIG SEXY premieres on Tuesday, August 30 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT) on TLC

Will You Tune In?

Spotlight: KVOLL Korean Fashion

In my search to find a shoe supplier, I had 3 criterian: had to be super FIERCE, unique, and affordable. I just so happened to run into this Korean design who shoes and handbag are the  essence of what a PLUSH DIVA would wear! The only downfall is that most of the shoes from Asian designers only go up to a US size 8. :-( [sigh...I'm an 8.5 DIVA] But there are some styles that go pass that. When shopping just be sure to keep a size conversion chart handy to be sure that your size is available.

wholesale Wholesale Kvoll Designer Pumps D5292

I am offering some select style in the DIVA SHOP. Go check it out and tell me what you think my luvs. Mauh!!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

OMG! You've Got Christians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Hunni, QUEENLY DIVINE is now selling shoes! and the feature label is ..........(wait for it......) CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN!! Not knock-offs, no my luvs the real things for cheap! All Designer shoes are under $125. Now I do have more affordable no name shoes that are all under $60. Just check out the SHOP

We also carry other designers such as GIANMARCO LORENZI!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Cat's Meow

FIERCE isn't it?

Check it out in the DIVA SHOP.  Courtesy of QUEENLY DIVINE ACCESSORIES

 What do you think?

Give me your feedback. Rate these rings below.

Fashion Croco Print Bag

This bag is FIERCE! This Croco bag was just released and is being offered by QUEENLY DIVINE ACCESSORIES. This lovely bag has dual straps, a top zip closure, 2 inner open pockets, 1 zippered inner pocket, and the dimensions are 17" x 12" x 7.5". The price is only $64  plus shipping and handling. If you are interested in this bag click here.

It's Official!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I know that I have been gone for a while Luvs, but I have been VERY busy with my personal life along with slaving away on my baby, QUEENLY DIVINE ACCESSORIES! I offer FIERCE custom, DIVA-ccessories handmade by MOI, and some DIVINE pieces hand selected from a outside supplier by MOI AUSSI. I have also launched QUEENLY DIVINE'S office site where items can be purchased, Long I know, but I will keep a link posted on here, making it easier for your to access. We do accept as major credit cards, thanks to SQUARE APP. I will be showcasing some items on here in future post and you can just tell me what you think! Smootchies!!!!!!!!

This is the new promo video for the QUEEN ESTER COLLECTION

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