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Dress of the Day

"Ivana" Ruffle Dress Yellow from Monif C.
Available @ Plush Boutique

Memorial Day Sale!!!!!!!

Plush Boutique is having a Memorial Day sale! 20% off everything. The sale is over June 1. So go check it out now!

The Weight-Loss Debate: Addressing the Foolery

From XOXO Skorch

As most of you know, when I started this blog, I made a commitment for it to be fashion and ONLY fashion based, I saw many fa[t]shion blogs that addressed other issues such as discrimination in the media, current events, etc etc. So since all of those aspects were already being covered so well, I sort of wanted to step out of those realms and make this a place where you read primarily about and tricks of the trade, styling suggestions, the latest trends, "How to" guides and so on. But sometimes an issue pops up and you feel obligated to step out of your zone, go back on your word and address the issue head on. Now, I know that some of you probably don't know this, but recently I've been battling with a dreaded case of "writers' block", but yesterday's events have sparked my literary juices and have forced me to crawl out from under my rock of unproductivity.

If you're unaware of the situation, here's a little background to help you catch up...

Yesterday, Marcy Guevara, Editor-at-Large and host of The Marcy Minute for xoxoskorch posted a video "coming clean" about her efforts to get healthier. Standing in front of a Weight Watchers storefront, Marcy dished about:

Being "on the fence" in regards to body image and how some of us really feel about our size.
Her desire to shop at certain stores that don't carry her current size and getting back into her favorite pair of jeans.
Jennifer Hudson being her inspiration and motivation for shedding a few pounds.
The reasons why she chose Weight Watchers for her weight loss endeavor.
And the battle to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a curvy girl.

All great points, right?

Well apparently quite a few viewers became a bit "up in arms" over the video, which has lead to a weight-loss "backlash" of sorts. And it has sparked a frenzy of comments, tweets, reposts, and discussions on the matter. Now while I can understand the confusion in a "plus-sized" magazine promoting weight-loss, what I don't understand is the negative feedback in regards to the issue of health. And while xoxoskorch has ALWAYS promoted healthy body image and the importance of embracing oneself, I don't think that they have ever claimed to endorse an unhealthy lifestyle.

I mean let's face reality here for a moment. While we strive to embrace our curves, being overweight and obese leaves many of us susceptible to diseses such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Arthritis, certain types of Cancer, and the list goes on! So what is the harm in trying to get healthy to sustain longevity? Or to just feel a little better in your own skin by shedding a few pounds?

I make no apologies in saying that while I love and embrace my curves, I always strive to live a healthier lifestyle and if I can drop one or two dress sizes in the process, then so be it! Now, just like Marcy said, I will NEVER be a size 6 or even an 8, but that isn't even my goal. My goal is to be a heathier me! Through my Facebook page, I have made my own personal fitness journey public knowledge. I talk about my love affair with the yoga ball and my tumultuous relationship with carbs. I even discuss my unhealthy eating relapses and when I've gained back a pound or two (or three...eek!). Does that make me wrong or less credible in the fa[t]shion community? Am I to be deemed traitorous?

Bottom line...weight-loss is a matter of personal decision. If you are comfortable with where you are and you are healthy and feeling fantastic, then more power to you! Now while you may not agree with Marcy's personal decision to get healthy by losing weight or utilizing the powers that are Weight Watchers, the fact of the matter is that it is just that....a personal decision. One of which she decided to share with those of us who can relate to her pursuit, and was not intended as any sort of personal "dig" at anyone else or even to promote weight-loss. Let's also not forget that being healthy has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NUMBERS ON THE SCALE OR THE SIZE ON YOUR TAG, and everything to do with your ACTIVITY and OUTLOOK. So to Marcy I say...GO GET 'EM GIRL, YOU'VE GOT OUR SUPPORT! :)

Until Next Time F5's and Skorch dolls....

Stay D'lish

Update: My weightloss journey

I wanted to speak on my journey to a healthier me. You guys this is hard! For the most part I have been monitoring my calorie intake but I have my days when I slip up.

 For those who don't know, I'm really doing a all over lifestyle make-over and for an overly emotional person such as myself (yes, I'm a cancer) it can take a big toll. Not only am I trying to lose a few pounds but, I'm going natural and getting my life together spiritually. Whew.... that's a lot for one person to take on, on top of summer classes and work.

 I'm trying to cleanse myself of society's ideas and standards of beauty and embrace the body God has blessed me with in it's natural form. It's funny because, when I was a senior in high school on to my freshman year of college, I really thought I was huge. Well 3 years and  31 pounds later, I really would just love to get back to that size. I know we are to embrace our body for what it is, but I am unhealthy and this weight doesn't look natural on me. I have never been skinny a day in my life but at 186 I was healthier and my curves fit the rest of my body.

I'm currently trying to eat 3 times a day eating 400 calories per meal. I purchased The 400 Calorie Fix from Prevention. The meals are full filling when I'm eating them, but less than an hour later, I'm starving. Now the irony here, is that if I were to eat something totally high in calories, like Popeye's chicken and a biscuit, I can eat once a day and not be hungry for the rest of the day. Now that's not healthy because you have to eat multiple small meals in a day to jump start your metabolism. If I could only control my hunger, everything would be great! But I will continue to push because I am truly determined to reach my goals.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OOTD (Out Fit of the Day)

Top: Rue 21
Leggins: Wal-Mart
Jacket: My auntie

Clutch: Kohls

Necklace: The Icing

Watch: Cato

Sandals: Wal-mart

Flower: Moi (Me)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tis the Season........For Swimming!

It's that time again! Yes it's summer, and I am on the search for a figure flattering swimsuit. I had a really popular style on last year.....but since giving my life over to God, yea not into to the whole ultra revealing things, plus some one with all the back rolls I have should not be wearing something with my whole back and sides out.....not cute. But I have run into to really cute styles this year online! Hummmmmm.....decisions, decisions.....

Now these swimsuits are on the pricey side but they really are that business!

Available at Plush Boutique

My new love!!!!! McDonald's Parfaits :-)

So like last week I started changing my eating habits. But these last couple of days I had fallen off.....eating thing that I really shouldn't. But I got back on track today. I stopped at Micky D's and got my favorite Mc Chicken sandwich but instead of the fries I got a side salad....but I really wanted I hot fudge and carmel sundae (and is hot today too:-)). I have tasted the parfait years ago when it first came out, but frat brother had one yesterday and was going on about how good it was. So I follow the little angel on my shoulder and order the parfait instead, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!. I think this will be my little treat for the summer. On top of that if was only $1! HA! You know that's right up my alley!
Total Fat......2
Sat Fat.......1
Trans Fat.....0

Monday, May 17, 2010

Yay!!!!!!! a Magazine for us!!!!

Hello my plush divas!!!!!! On my quest to find a new styles that actually fit my body style, I came across this great online mag call Skorch. OMG absoultely love it. They also so have blogs from their various writters. It does my heart good to see a fashion magazine of this caliber much like ELLE with less ads, that truely shows my Plush Divas to just as fashionable and sexy as the mainstream's idea of "beauty". Please got check this site out at,,

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