Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coat Check Mini Series:Shearling Coat by Ashely Stewart

Today is first official cold day in central Illinois, and honestly I wasn't prepared at all. But I love this time of the year. I love the sweaters, coats, scarves, boots, eggnog, hot cider, tree decoration, and for me cuddling and movie watching! LOL. I think it's time to reach for the thighs and long johns and find me some good warm leather flat boots! I love this waist length coat from Ashley Stewart, but for today I think I needed a knee length one. My mother bought me one for Christmas from Old Navy on Black Friday, but I might have to dig into my saving and purchase another one, because I don't think I'mma be able to wait until Christmas to wear a long coat!


BBM said...

i cant believe that jacket is from ashley stewart! and sooo sweet of you to post me as ure plush diva of the day. thanks so much hun! thx for joining the my secret blogger project as well! ure AWESOME! xoxo!

Brittany said...

Well thank you for following!!!!:-)

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