Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new love!!!!! McDonald's Parfaits :-)

So like last week I started changing my eating habits. But these last couple of days I had fallen off.....eating thing that I really shouldn't. But I got back on track today. I stopped at Micky D's and got my favorite Mc Chicken sandwich but instead of the fries I got a side salad....but I really wanted I hot fudge and carmel sundae (and is hot today too:-)). I have tasted the parfait years ago when it first came out, but frat brother had one yesterday and was going on about how good it was. So I follow the little angel on my shoulder and order the parfait instead, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!. I think this will be my little treat for the summer. On top of that if was only $1! HA! You know that's right up my alley!
Total Fat......2
Sat Fat.......1
Trans Fat.....0


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