Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secret Blogger Gift Recieved!!!!!!!!!

Gerry of BBM, recently put together a SECRET BLOGGER GIFT EXCHAGE, in which I participated. I recieved my gift from Ariana from FATale Fashion and I absolute love it. I got some FIERCE black sude platford oxfords from FOREVER 21. Are they just everything ya'll??? #iminlove !!!!!!!!!! Thanks soooooo much hun!!!!!!

HOTTTT aren't they??!!! :D

Click here to see updates from the other Secret Bloggers!


Ariana said...

Ahh! SO glad you liked them!!! I wanted to get you stuff from that website you asked for, but I had issues cuz they wouldn't let me bill it to my address and ship it to yours! But I found these on F21's site and knew they'd be perfect for you. Enjoy them!! Happy holidays :)

trippingtiffies said...

Oh wow, those are amazing! Congrats!

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